Decorative Building Elements

Today, concrete technology, and cultural forms tradisyonel impossible to obtain, not only the unique advantages of the precast goes live. Precast, architects no other material can not provide an unlimited freedom of design in the marketplace. Precast, Roman, Renaissance, Gothic, and the forms of discipline, Islamic and Turkish architecture, classical, modern architectural elements from architecture to allow for all possible forms never imalatini. At the same time the creative power of the architect is open until the end of the olusturacagi new and special forms.

Precast, designed by designers all the patterns required for the production or forms never yapmaktadir itself. Curvilinear elements of all the details until the very delicate intaglio patterns Izmir Prekast'ın experienced and talented staff, as is done fast and quality. In this system, including Izmir Prekast'ın each project where the architect's dream and the best quality of all the designs from the desired period of time provides the advantage of a great cost next to edebilmesinin.

Easy to take shape
the freedom of design and creativity
Window and Door Prekastlari Monoblock
Arched and Key Stone, Bay Window Blinds Denizlikli Prekastlari
Fillets and framing of floors
Door Jambs and Sopraportalar
Colon and Coatings
Column Headers
Notching Coatings
Relief and Trimmings
Balustrat, fences, handrails
Flowerpot and Vases
Dome and Pergololar
Renovation and Restoration For details fireplace mantel
• Introduction and Pedimentleri Arkad
Prop and Elibögründeler
Arabesque and Islamic Forms
Custom Design Wall Elements
Tooling and Manufacture of All Forms of Architectural Forms

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