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Fiber concrete tables are the choice of those who want to create unforgettable living spaces once seen.


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Affordable Building Materials


Is it time to change your garden furnitures? Many concrete table options that you can choose according to the needs of your project are waiting for you.


Concrete tables, which you will find in our store, are offered in different size options. Add a unique touch to your project with an unlimited number of options you can access by choosing to work with İzmir Prekast. Our experts in concrete tables have a lot to offer you.

We were inspired by nature. For those who want to associate a comfortable and modern seating area with nature, we made concrete seating elements in the form of pebbles.

Beton masalar peyzaj projenizde büyük bir fark yaratabilir. Sizin için en doğru olanı ararken, sadece geniş seçeneklerimizden değil, sunduğumuz tavsiyelerden de faydalanabilirsiniz. Bize ulaşın, projeniz ve bütçeniz için en doğru beton masa hangisi birlikte karar verelim. Her aşamada size destek olmak için buradayız.


Make a difference in your project with modern benches made of fiber-reinforced concrete and reinforced with steel frames.

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