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İzmir Precast realizes traditional and cultural forms that cannot be achieved with reinforced concrete technology, by utilizing the unique advantages of precast technique and glass fiber reinforced concrete (GRC). Precast technique from Roman, Renaissance, Gothic disciplines and forms to Islamic and Turkish architecture; It makes it possible to manufacture all decorative building decoration elements from classical architecture to modern architectural elements.
• Window Precasts with Arched and Keystones, Window Slots and Roller Slots
• Floor Moldings and Cornices
• Columns and Plasters, Column Heads
• Corner Coverings, Reliefs and Decorations
• Balustrat, Balustrade, Handrails
• Domes and Pergolas
• Details for Renovation and Restoration,
• Entry Arkad and Pediments
• Struts and Elbows
• We think that we will please you with our variety of Special Design Facade Elements.





İzmir Prekast produced and assembled the floor moldings used on the exterior of the 16 flats Büte Apartment, which was renovated within the scope of urban transformation on the Karşıyaka coast, and where all the flats were designed specifically for the owners.

DESIGN: HB Construction

DATE: 2018

LOCATION: Karşıyaka, İzmir

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